First Post Of DogBlogIt!

Well, here we are…


Here it is… the very first post on DogBlogIt!

Soon this blog will be off and running with all kinds of stories of adventures and misadventures from any of the characters in our very large pack of humans and dogs.

Some will be hilarious. Some will be embarrassing. And some will stink to high heaven. I promise that you will be appreciative that you cannot smell some of these adventures.

I would like to introduce you to some of the precious little (or big) disasters you will hear about on this blog…

The Humans

Monica: Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Animal Enthusiast
Rick: Father, Husband, Business Owner, Part Animal Enthusiast
Tyler: Oldest Child – away at college
Austin: Middle child, wannabe comedian, master of video games, pee-wee athlete
Reagan: Youngest child, MindCraft enthusiast, wannabe “Musically” app. famous, pee-wee athlete

The Animals

Kaiser: The beloved high school Quaterback.

Biggest hearted beast there ever was. He loves everyone, all of the time and he sure can get around.

Echo: High school cheerleader.

Generally clumsy, a little hyper-active from time-to-time and known to create chaos everywhere she goes but she charms with her beauty and enthusiasm.

Isabella: The mysterious new kid on the block.

She’s shy, sweet and cuddly… until she growls and sounds like she’ll rip your face off. No one yet knows what she’s capable of… 

Oreo: The sweet high school homecoming queen.

She’s a real beauty and gets along with everyone. She’s the mediator of the pack. No matter how much drama is happening around her, she is completely oblivious until a fight breaks out. 

Aspen: Doesn’t fit in a click. Wants to be friends with everyone.

Can’t we all just get along? She’s passive and easily bullied by any of the others.

I hope you enjoy DogBlogIt! and share some of your adventures too!


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