Kata's Obedience Training

Kata’s Obedience Training

Kata’s Obedience Training 

Kata the great dane 5 weeks

Follow Kata’s progress as she goes from a precious little baby girl to a well rounded Great Dane that has been started on a good foundation of obedience training.

baby puppy great dane

On March 13, 2017 baby Kata entered the world, along with her 6 siblings. She was originally given a temporary name of “Soul” until we found the right name for her. The above picture is the day she was born.

Her dew claws have been removed and healed nicely.

On May 8th at 10:00 a.m., Kata gets her big girl ears! She has an appointment with the highly respected Dr. Schaffer in Frisco, Texas at Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital. Dr. comes highly recommended by show Dane owners as the best Dane ear cropper in the state of Texas.

Great Dane post-surgical ear crop care is a very time consuming process that requires regular daily care in order to get the ears to stand firm later. The procedure costs around $650.00 and varies on the type of crop you get. There are options for a short crop, a pet crop, or a show crop. Kata will have a long show crop ear.

Kata learns to chew on bones instead of people

At 5 1/2 weeks old, Kata is learning to chew on bones instead of people. Anytime she begins to chew on fingers, arms, toes, etc., she is given her bone or an appropriate toy instead. She’s told “No” when the inappropriate biting happens and immediately given a proper solution. This helps her to learn the meaning of the word “no” at any early age as well as learning that biting people is not allowed.

kata meets toy breed dogs

She has also just meet 2 toy breed dogs. The purpose of this is to get her familiar with dogs that will eventually be MUCH smaller than she is so she can learn how to play gently with smaller dogs. She will spend some time with these 2 Maltese on a regular basis as she grows.

Kata Learns To “Sit”!

At 6 weeks and 0 days old, baby Kata has already grasped the concept of the “sit” command! She’s not yet weaned but has already learned her first command and I couldn’t be more proud! Granted, she’s still VERY young to learn commands and has the attention span of a 2 year old child but alas, she gets it! 🙂

During our pre-weening training sessions, she’s also been learning potty training.

April 27, 2017
Age:  6 weeks old

Current Skill Training:

Health & Safety: First round of shots and wormings have been given and a microchip inserted.

Command: “Sit” command is recognized and acknowledged with 45% success rate. We’ve just began this command as her first skill and we will continue to perfect it and will not move on with other commands until it has been mastered with a 95% + success rate. This includes obeying this command from various members of our family, including children.

Petiquette Training: She is learning not to bite or chew on people or inappropriate objects such as shoes and furniture. She is learning that she’s not allowed on furniture, unless invited.

Other: Potty training has now begun. Although she has her “den” she is currently sharing with her siblings and mother that allow her 24/7 indoor and outdoor access. She does not soil her den and goes outside to potty, as needed. This isn’t our focus. Our focus is training her in our home to request to go outside to potty.

Immediate Upcoming Training : At 8 weeks old, once she’s ready to be separated from her mother for long periods of time, crate training will begin. She will also begin car rides, socialization, and 16 hour a day potty training monitoring.

May 2, 2017

Kata knows the “Sit” command now!

Today we went on our first car ride.

She’s learning to become familiar with the leash today in combination with her potty training. She’s also come to work with me, starting today, for socialization to meet strangers throughout the day.

We are now learning the “down” command.

May 8, 2017

Kata went to the vet today to get her “ear job”. She is getting a medium show crop and will come back home tomorrow mid-afternoon. This show crop will require 4-8 months of ear wrapping and unwrapping which I will handle while she’s in my care.

There will not be any command training again until Wednesday to allow her to rest and recover. However, she will be crated tomorrow evening for the first time, to get familiar with her crate, and have a place she can feel safe while she’s recovering.

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