Dog Behavior Solutions

Helping Your Dog Work Through Separation Anxiety


Does your dog whine and cry when you leave? Or does your dog go a little further by becoming destructive when you’re away? Just like people, dogs get bored and that boredom can lead to unappreciated behaviors.

Have no fear! There are things you can do to help keep your dog entertained and out of trouble when no one is home to give him love and attention.

Exercise Your Dog Before You Leave And When You Return

Dogs need to burn off steam and a great time to do that is just before you leave and when you return. A tired dog is less likely to be a mischievous dog! Take your dog for a walk, take him outside and play fetch, let him run around the yard with his zoomies – whatever it is your dog likes and gets him good and tired, before leaving and upon returning is a great time to let him do it. It also gives him the opportunity to eliminate and prevent housebreaking accidents.

Give Your Dog Some Noise

You wouldn’t want to sit in an empty, silent, lonely house all alone and neither does your dog. A lot of dogs enjoy a little music or a tv left on to provide noise and the feeling of not being left all alone.

Give Him A Quiet Place To Be Alone

Dogs learn to love their crates (they view as their den) as they get used to them. It’s a safe and quiet place, all of his own, where he can retreat for naps or just to relax and reflect.

It can also be a furinture saver for you when you’re away! Some dogs react to their separation anxiety by chewing on furniture, shoes, and anything else within their reach. Allowing them to spend their time in their den while you’re away will prevent the destructive chewing.

Give Them Some Toys

Ease the boredom by placing a few of his favorite toys with him in his crate. Kong-style toys stuffed with treats are a great distraction and give him an acceptable solution to his desire to chew. In addition, most does love a good squeaky toy. It helps to satisfy their prey drive and the noise breaks the boredom of silence.