Dog Training

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping To Greet You


Does your dog jump on you to greet you each time you walk in the door? It doesn’t matter if you’re gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, some dogs are so happy to see you that they jump on you as a way of welcoming you home.

You may have heard the advice, “Simply turn your back on your dog when he jumps on you and walk away”. All that generally gets you is the dog jumping on your back as you’re walking or turned away.

So, let’s get to a real solution that actually works.

This works with a tasty treat or a favorite toy, if your dog is not food motivated. When you approach your excited dog, drop a treat or two on the ground as you enter (or the dog’s favorite toy). Once that has distracted him, ask him to “sit” and then give him lots of attention. 

It may take several attempts for your dog to learn what it is you’re asking of him but don’t give up. Eventually your dog will learn that he’s immediately rewarded for not jumping upon your arrival and gets your attention once he’s sitting to greet you.


  • Pet or talk to your dog if he jumps on you. Giving him attention for the unwanted behavior encourages him to continue that behavior.
  • Yell, scream, or hit him.
  • Give up! It’s very likely your dog wont “get it” the first time or three. As with correcting any learned behavior, it will take time and practice.


  • Leave your dogs presence if he jumps on you during the training. Re-enter a little while later and try again.
  • Reward your dog with LOTS of attention when he turns his attention to the treats or toy dropped for him and sits on your command. The attention is what you’re dog was seeking when he was jumping on you. He needs to receive the reward he was after once he begins to learn how to properly get the attention he was after.


Happy training!