Kata's Obedience Training

Kata’s Obedience Training

Kata’s Obedience Training  Follow Kata’s progress as she goes from a precious little baby girl to a well rounded Great Dane that has been started on a good foundation of obedience training. On March 13, 2017 baby Kata entered the world, along with her 6 siblings. She was originally given a temporary name of “Soul” until… Continue reading Kata’s Obedience Training


Great Dane Temperatures Before Labor

These are Echo’s (Great Dane) temperatures before whelping / labor For those of you that are like me, and love to know every detail about what to expect before a dog goes into labor, you’ve probably read dozen’s of articles on the internet about what to expect during your dog’s labor. You may have even… Continue reading Great Dane Temperatures Before Labor

Dane Pregnancy

The Last Week of A Great Dane’s Pregnancy

The Last Week Of A Great Dane’s Pregnancy We are expecting puppies and this final week is always an exciting and anxious time! Not only does the Dane lose sleep but I lose my fair share too. For the curious, I have put together this time-line of one of my Great Dane’s final week of… Continue reading The Last Week of A Great Dane’s Pregnancy

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Should I get a purebred or a shelter dog?

The choice of whether you should get a purebred or shelter dog is a personal one and can’t be made by anyone but you. It will require a lot of consideration because bringing in a pet is a big responsibility, no matter what type of pet you get! You’re adding a family member, after all.… Continue reading Should I get a purebred or a shelter dog?